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B4 We Create offers Creative Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Advertising Agencies.

I help businesses and organizations communicate thru branding, marketing, and design.

I attended VCUarts and received a degree in Communication Design. For over 14 years I worked in the pursuit of great design, branding, and marketing efforts for reputable companies located in Central Virginia.  I’ve been a Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Brand Manager and Marketing Director in a variety of industries including publishing, environmental design, advertising, and textiles. My background is broad, but it all comes back to effective visual communication.

In 2017 I started my business, B4 We Create, a company that fills the gap between brand, design, & marketing. In my experience, I’ve seen that these three cannot be separated or stand alone. When paired just right they communicate value and quality to the target audience.

-Bridget Marshall | Owner, B4 We Create

Three things your business needs to communicate with your target audience successfully: 

1. BRAND: Yes, this is your logo, but that’s not all! The “brand” is the voice of your business. Branding is the personality of an organization. It’s the way you are inviting people to interact with your products and services. How do people feel about your business when they think of you? Ask yourself:
     • How does my website feature my products and services?
     • How do my social media posts reflect my company’s values
     • What actions am I taking to influence how a person feels about my company?
All of these examples combined with strategy and standards will create consistency. That’s when the brand’s voice will sing.

2. DESIGN: The design is where the visual identity of an organization begins. It includes your logo, color scheme, business cards, the user experience of your website, the pictures in your catalog, and the list goes on. These elements combine to describing your unique value proposition. It has to be consistent. Design directly reflects the quality of a product or service.

3. MARKETING: Marketing it is the strategy and execution of public communication. It translates into the dollars spent on brand recognition. Promotional material, packaging, print or digital ads, company newsletters, pay-per-click advertising—if you’re communicating with consumers, employees, recruits, or the community then your business is already marketing itself. Are you taking the right actions to measure that performance? Are you saving time and money by making educated decisions on where you are communicating and is that placement achieving the highest return on your investment? I can help!


Brand Management
  • identity design
  • brand strategy
  • brand standards
Graphic Design
  • newsletters
  • promotional material
  • packaging
  • digital + print advertisements
  • swag
Environmental Design
  • signs
  • tradeshows
  • exhibit planning
  • plan development
  • strategy
  • execution
Online Representation
  • website design
  • WordPress development
  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • email blast


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