Celtic design inspired me for the 11th icon in the B4 We Create logo experiment. As St. Patrick’s Day approaches I thought this theme was appropriate since this is the logo I will have during that holiday. I have Scotch Irish roots, and I like how this symbol honors that heritage. The McCabe’s in my family tree would like this I think!

I find that jewelry can be a great place to get inspiration for a logo design. I started my research this month by looking at pictures of rings and pendants that were created with a Celtic theme. I had no idea that there were so many Celtic knots and that each represents different meaning! The Claddagh Design site had a really good overview and some beautiful pieces like the one seen here. The Celtic knot design began with Scotish monks using it to “glorify the Gospels.” Then it seems to have spilled into the Scottish and Irish culture as I saw in the article, The History of Celtic Knots, posted by Celtic Life.

On to my design process…

In this particular design, I knew the basic shape I wanted to create. The struggle was finding a font that would create the shape I intended. I wanted the letter B forms to overlap in the way a Celtic knot does. Once I had the font chosen I used a favorite pattern of mine from a painting hanging in the Chicago Museum of fine art. I then added shadow and wove the letterforms together. This month’s B4 We Create logo is created with 4 letter B’s from the font family Birch. They move around a center axis point at 45-degree increments and tie together to create this logo.

In branding, you need design and marketing to weave together to create a message that will attract your target audience. This logo reflects how these parts come together to make a whole. It also reflects how these parts are interlocked in an infinite connection of solutions. I like it!

I used Adobe Illustrator here. I like the way this logo design fits in a square or circle. With social media platforms, you need a square or circle profile image. This design lends itself well to those specifications.

B4 We Create’s February Logo for Month 11!

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