This month I took my inspiration from the roots of the word “branding.” Something about this topic was “moooo-ving” me! (Sorry for the bad joke, but I just couldn’t resist.)

What we consider branding today originated with cattle farmers. Ranchers would use a branding iron to mark their livestock. This “brand” would show ownership over the herd and deter theft. The earliest accounts of this practice date back to ancient Egypt, however, we most commonly relate this to the Cowboys of the Wild West.

“Like a modern day family crest, a ranch’s brand is about more than just symbol of ownership. Often passed down from generation to generation, the brand is a representation of the person behind it. Each brand is unique, often coming in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. They all have a story to tell…”
– https://nationalcowboymuseum.org/explore/the-meaning-of-a-family-brand/

Debbie Millman referred to branding as “deliberate differentiation,” which I think breaks this idea down in the simplest way. Logos represent the brand; the brand tells the story behind what is unique and different about each business. It describes the products, services, people and stories behind our favorite companies. When designed well, and managed sincerely, they inspire loyalty and trust.

B4 We Create Logo Design / Month 3:

The logo design process:

  • Google Image search the topic of branding.
  • Sketch.
    • Experiment with how the iron brand reference could be illustrated.
    • Experiment with different ways to represent cattle.
  • Digitize the sketches.
    • Using geometry to stylize the image.
brand inspiration
Social Media B4 June Logo

I sketched the symbols using grid paper. Next, scanned the drawing. In Adobe Illustrator I digitized my favorite designs to see how they translate on the screen. Once I narrowed in on the concept I spent some time studying the way simple shapes could be combined to communicate that a cow. Then I created a “brand” of B4 to complete the mark. Voila!

In this video, I have taken a few of the key decision-making moments and put them in order for you to see the process.

B4 We Create’s June 2017 logo!

June Logo teal black

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