This month the logo experiment is based on the idea of a word as a symbol, or shorthand abbreviation. I googled a simple question: What is the abbreviation for “before”?

Google the abbreviation for "BEFORE"

Turns out the answer to my question is an A with a line over the top of it [ ā ]. Learned something new there. This has a medical frame of reference. I like this connection because the medical field requires accuracy and process. This is true for design, branding, and marketing as well.

medical abbreviation for "BEFORE"

The typography layout for this design came to me fast on this one. I really like the way I could use the “a” in “create” as the abbreviation for “Before”. The “a” also refers to Alpha, again referencing the beginning of something.

I went straight to Abobe Illustrator for this and set up this type arrangement. The part that took some time was choosing the right font combination. I am a big proponent for classic typefaces. I chose three of my favorites here; Avenir, Helvetica, Myriad. Then found that I liked mixing the handwritten font in for contrast, this one is called Baksoda – I have really enjoyed using it on a few projects recently.

Font choice for logo experiment

B4 We Create’s October 2017 Logo!

b4 we create logo design for month 7

Creative Services

Brand Management
  • identity design
  • brand strategy
  • brand standards
Graphic Design
  • newsletters
  • promotional material
  • packaging
  • digital + print advertisements
  • swag
Environmental Design
  • signs
  • tradeshows
  • exhibit planning
  • plan development
  • strategy
  • execution
Online Representation
  • website design
  • WordPress development
  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • email blast

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