The Logo Experiment had to take a back seat this month. December has been crazy. Between Christmas traditions, full schedules and wrapping up for the end of 2017, B4 We Create has been a flurry of activity! December has been my businesses best month yet! Which is so satisfying, yet is leaving me with less time to develop designs for this logo series. Trust me; this is a good problem to have! In this logo, I have decided to focus on an essential part of the design process; choosing a direction. Marketing, branding, and design are all methods of problem-solving. I once got a t-shirt from a colleague that said “Marketing Director” on the front and “Bad-Ass Problem Solver” on the back! I laughed like crazy when I got it and wore it with a cheeky sense of pride. Solutions are often developed by looking at things from a different perspective. I show that in this design by flipping the letterforms. I also have added the arrows to reference the path or direction you can take when solving a problem. Below is a high-speed video of me setting up this logo in Adobe Illustrator. Before I went to the computer with this, I made a few sketches, but since this logo design relies so heavily on the font, Minion, I needed the computer early in the process.

B4 We Create’s December 2017 Logo!

b4 we create logo design for month 6
This logo design does not format well as a square icon, which is what most of the social media sites require. The “We Create” letters get too small to read. To solve this problem, I have chosen to use a secondary icon to use in places the logo will be seen in a small proportion, such as at the top of this website’s navigation bar. The full logo will then continue to be used in all other cases.

Creative Services

Brand Management
  • identity design
  • brand strategy
  • brand standards
Graphic Design
  • newsletters
  • promotional material
  • packaging
  • digital + print advertisements
  • swag
Environmental Design
  • signs
  • tradeshows
  • exhibit planning
  • plan development
  • strategy
  • execution
Online Representation
  • website design
  • WordPress development
  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • email blast

Follow the process on social media where I’ll be sharing the Logo Experiment plus all kinds other news and musings from B4 We Create.

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