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Logo Design - The Stand School

Project Details

The Stand School
Logo Design

Logo Developed for a Christian Preschool

It was meant to embody the school’s image as a place to play, learn and grow in a Christian setting:
• The “t” in “Stand” is gold so that the shape of the cross stands out.
• The hand print was drawn based on the handprint of one of the students of the school, see below.
• The font was chosen to be fun and free-spirited like youth should be.

logo design inspiration for the stand

Design Inspiration

When developing this logo, I searched for inspiration in the environment for which I was designing. This part of my creative process that helps inspire truly unique and custom designs. The concept for the logo was developed by opening my eyes to the beauty that already existed in the school. Taking that inspiration, I was able to communicate the preschool’s brand in a youthful.

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