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Logo Design - Sweet Bea's Kitchen

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Sweat Bea’s Kitchen
Logo Design

Logo Developed for a Meal Delivery Service

Sweet Bea’s Kitchen came to me with a previously designed logo and a concept for a website. They have beautiful images of their menu options as well as a very sophisticated business concept. The problem was that their current logo didn’t match the style of the rest of the business. I worked with the owner of Sweet Bea’s to take the essential elements of the original logo and update the artwork to match their business brand. Below is the creative process…

logo design process
logo design process
logo design process

Phase 1

In the first phase of this project, I sketched a few ideas for the logo on paper and in pencil. At this point, I am focusing on how the graphics can work together to communicate what the company offers. I needed to include an elephant, an apple, a fork & knife, and the company name.

Phase 2

Once I found the shapes I liked best I moved the ideas over to Adobe Illustrator. I created four unique designs for the client to review. The client preferred version 2 above the others but wanted to make some changes.

phase 2 - logo design process

Phase 3

Final Changes and Review: The client wanted to include more color, add the fork and knife and remove the pattern – This is the completed result!

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