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Bus Graphics Design - New Kent Christian Academy

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New Kent Christian Center

Bus Graphics for a Christian Preschool

New Kent Christian Academy needed a bus to transport it’s growing number of children. The Director of NKCA asked the members of New Kent Christian Center if anyone could help. A local family stepped forward and gave NKCA the funds they needed to buy a vehicle! What a moment of grace! B4 We Create designed graphics to pay tribute to this generous family and the legacy of their son’s life. Below I have shared the design process…

Design Process

Step 1 – PRAY – Ask The Creator for inspiration! I then began by sketching some concepts on tracing paper and overlaying the ideas on a rough outline of the bus.

Once I had the concept narrowed down the printing and installation quotes for the bus came in very high. To keep the project in the budget the design contracted to one side vs. the original four.

sketch design process
sketch design process
sketch design process

With a bus, you have to consider the profile of the surface—this was my most significant challenge. When laying out the different elements of this design I had to pay attention to where the hardware, trim and breaks within the metal were located. Knowing which essential graphics I needed to include allowed me the chance to move them around on the back of the bus like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle

  • The NKCA butterfly from their logo
  • The tree from the NKCC logo
  • The cross
  • A very special monkey. The monkey represents a child of the donors family, the funds for the bus were donated in remembrance of this baby boy named Hawk, Jr.

With the layout set, I began to consider the overall texture. I wanted it to feel child-like since this is a preschool and daycare. I also wanted it to be colorful to catch your attention on the road. The first draft used construction paper texture. Once I started working with the image, I switched over to crayon. Each of the graphic elements here was drawn in Crayon and then scanned to format in Photoshop.

The final design turned out like this…

New Kent Christian Academy Bus Graphics designed by B4 We Create
New Kent Christian Academy Bus Graphics designed by B4 We Create

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