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Website Design - Virginia Pewtersmith

Project Details

Owner of Virginia Pewtersmith
Custom Website Design

Background on the Project

The client recently took ownership of a long run family business. They wanted to update the VirginiaPewtersmith.com website quickly, on a conservative budget, using the same content the former owners used on the site. The existing site had not been updated in many years. It was not responsive and may of the links were broken and leading to other business’ websites.

The Scope of Work

  • Create a custom website design to position Virginia Pewtersmith as a leader in craftsmanship and quality handmade goods.
  • The site will provide retail merchants and direct purchase customers with an overview of the company and product options.
  • Update existing contact information and make the site more visually appealing.
  • Bring a fresh and updated look to the business’ site.


  • I began by copying all the text (or copy) from the existing site. I then made very few but critical text changes to update the business information.
  • Next, I sketched out layouts and reviewed the content for visual cues.
  • I built this site using WordPress and the Divi Theme to format the design.
sketch of website

original layout sketch

color scheme for Virginia Pewtersmith
Virginia Pewtersmith logo
ornament images

Art Direction

Font Choices: Tangerine / Georgia

  • The initial header is Tangerine. I chose to use a display type that was reminiscent of colonial handwriting. I wanted it to feel historic and handcrafted in the same way the company’s products featured do.
  • For the additional headers and body copy, I selected Georgia. This is very clear and easy to read at small sizes.
    (Full disclosure, these are not the fonts I would opt to use in print. However, I committed to using the Google Font Family options for consistency on screen by users across many internet viewing platforms.)


For the color scheme we I drew inspiration from the Colonial Williamsburg paint palette. I created four color schemes. Then shared them with the client and came to an agreement on which to pursue.

Logos + Icons

The logo that the owners of Virginia Pewtersmith had were not Vector files. Thus limiting options for scaling the image. The solution here was to take sign makers drawing that I’d been provided and create an object out of it. To achieve this look I:

  • traced the sign drawing
  • found a pewter texture image
  • overlayed the outline of the “V” with the texture image
  • added a slight bit of dimension with a bevel effect.

Now the logo looks like a piece that was handcrafted just like the featured ornaments.

The primary social media channel used by Virginia Pewtersmith is Facebook. To make this stand out and attract attention I created this is a Pewter texture as well.


The client chose a website package that did not include photography. They made the decision to provide images from their existing library. We took the best of what they provided and inserted them in meaningful ways.


The format is clean, clear and easy to navigate. It is now responsive and all of the links point to the correct address.

Original iPage Website

original iPage website

Final Design

final home page layout for Virginia Pewtersmith Website

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